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Landing Page and Conversion Funnel Optimization Platform
  introducing a new dimension to the world of online advertising
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Traffiliate - landing page optimization platform;  
    Post-Click Optimization with Pre-Click Information Request Demo  
  Traffiliate, DMG’s proprietary platform, delivers a comprehensive solution
encompassing the entire value chain – and enables, for the first time, the
integrated management of the post-click optimization process. A patent
pending technology that utilizes crucial information collected from every
click. Traffiliate gathers, measures, analyzes, and evaluates critical data
from all stages of the value chain --- pre-click, post-click, and post-
conversion. Traffiliate uses pre-click information to serve up the most conversionable landing page for every user profile. Ideal for large-scale campaigns, Traffiliate matches multiple landing pages with user profiles, predicting the best performing combination of profile, landing page and conversion funnel – to maximize revenues and ROI.
Turning Clicks into Customers through Advanced Technology
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