Converting Forex Brokerage into Profits

The Challenge

Creating an ROI-driven Conversion Funnel

eToro provides a global investment marketplace for online financial FOREX trading, with over 1.5 million users in more than 130 countries worldwide, and 2,000 new accounts are opened every day.

eToro’s ad campaign was losing money. It was running on an arbitrage model in which the impressions were bought in CPM and the client paid in CPA. As a result, the ad network took on all the risk to the point that stopping the campaign seemed inevitable. This, despite the fact that the campaign was driving many registrations to the advertiser.

The Solution

The Call to Action – How it worked

• The Traffiliate optimization platform enabled an analysis of the campaign and the creatives driving traffic.
• Then, the most suitable landing pages from eToto’s bank were chosen.
• Four landing pages were placed in Traffiliate and run simultaneously.
• Trends and preferences of each user segment were automatically identified.
• As the system accumulated campaign data for optimizing the serving of the landing pages, conversions began improving gradually.
• Next, the client was asked to produce additional landing pages based on the findings of the Trafilliate and eToro teams. The landing pages were introduced, with Traffiliate learning their behavior as well.

Capturing ROI improvements immediately

After 3 months of fine-tuning and constant improvements, an increase of over 40% in conversion rates turned a losing campaign into a profitable one.

However, this was far from the end of the efforts. The Traffiliate team kept analyzing the traffic and data and generating new content and landing pages. Now, 8 months since the campaign started, an increase of about 80% in conversion has been achieved, while using the same traffic source.
“We were losing money every month on a particular offer, so we wanted to expedite the test by removing unnecessary parts of the landing page while troubleshooting.
Today, things are looking good. The campaign is profitable. as conversion rates have grown by over 40% and we are very optimistic about further success. The rapid increase in ROI indicates that there is potential for even more significant improvement in additional campaigns.”
Oren Mizrav, Media Manager, eToro

The Results

• 80% increase in conversion rates.
• 40% increase in ROI.
• Registration-to-click grew by 40%, driving this ROI improvement.
• Complete change in conversion funnel objectives: posted revenues refer to traffic, not on what is actually generated by the customer.
• Creative continuously tweaked in response to Traffiliate data.