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What is Traffiliate?
Traffiliate is a post-click optimization platform that selects and serves the best-performing landing page that is most likely to convert for each user profile. It is an automated, machine learning platform that profiles users, and then matches and delivers landing pages according to the profile. Ideal for display, mobile and search marketing campaigns, Traffiliate substantially increases conversion rates and ROI.
Who should use Traffiliate?
Traffiliate was designed to assist advertisers who use multiple landing pages to continuously improve their results. Traffiliate enables web agencies (online marketing, creative, media and SEO) to add value to their clients' campaigns by increasing conversion rates.
Why should I create additional landing pages?
At DMG, we believe that the "one-landing-page-fits-all" approach by online marketers is obsolete. Just as advertisers have realized that there is no one-ad-version-wins-all --- and they now run campaigns with multiple ad creatives, sources and targeting --- the time has come to run multiple matched landing pages as well. In response to the need for a continuously-learning solution that would automatically match and deliver the most conversionable landing page for each user - DMG created Traffiliate.
What is the difference between Traffiliate and Multivariate or A/B testing solutions?
Multivariate testing is a process in which multiple components of a website are simultaneously tested. In simple terms, it can be seen as numerous A/B tests being performed on a single page at the same time - typically to determine the better of two or more content variations.

These techniques focus on TESTING and experiments - and require the online marketer to decide which ONE landing page is the most effective for the entire campaign. These tests are limited to a specific time-frame, and are not usually performed over the campaign's lifetime.

Traffiliate, by contrast, selects and serves the landing pages throughout the campaign's lifetime - continuously learning, matching and re-matching each user profile with the landing page that is most likely to convert.
How can I integrate Traffiliate with my campaign process?
The installation process is very simple, quick, and rarely involves any IT resources. You create a campaign in our web-based manager, add the URLs of your existing landing pages, replace your clickthrough URLs with the new single URL generated by Traffiliate, put tracking pixels on your conversion funnel page/s and then, sit back and let Traffiliate do the work.
What is Traffiliate's effect on a web page's load time?
Traffiliate adds less than 1/3 sec --- which has absolutely no impact on the user experience.
Can Traffiliate serve my ads?
No. Traffiliate is not an ad serving platform. Traffiliate is the only platform that enables the serving of multiple landing pages - and the optimization of their serving. It only plays a part once a user has clicked on a banner; it does not monitor impressions that have not resulted in a click. Traffiliate is complimentary to ad serving platforms, and is able to work with most of the ad servers in the display, mobile and search marketing industries (e.g., Yieldmanager, DoubleClick, Adwords, GCN, AppNexus, Admob, InMobi, etc.).
Do I need to transfer all my traffic through Traffiliate?
Not necessarily. You can begin by driving a certain percentage of your traffic through us, which you can increase or decrease, based on the success of your campaigns.
What is the pricing model?
The pricing model is simple; it's based on the number of landing page hits. We charge per click CPM (every 1,000 clicks leading to a landing page).
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