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  Taffiliate landing page optimization platform  
A Powerful Landing Page and Conversion Funnel
Optimization Platform
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Traffiliate’s robust, scalable, continuously learning optimization engine and management tool:
Combines pre-click, post-click, and conversion data
Creates rules that predict the best-performing landing
page for each visitor
Automatically serves the best matches
Processes vast amounts of data
Easily adds new traffic sources to the system
Ready to use, requires almost no integration
Goes beyond traditional tools such as A/B and
Multivariate Testing
Easy to use, intuitive, & user friendly management
Machine Learning Technology Features Include:

Traffiliate’s profiling engine automatically profiles the traffic directed to the campaign’s various landing pages - in order to create smart traffic recommendations.  The engine continues to learn throughout the life of the campaign: more user profiles are identified, more recommendations are automatically generated … and existing rules are refined to continuously maximize conversion.

convenient dashboard
customized reporting
advanced conversion tracking
effective recommendations for campaign improvement
pixel management system
Total Control of the Value Chain-from Impression to Conversion
Taffiliate - Total Control of the Value Chain-from Impression to Conversion
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